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1. How do I return a product I don’t want any more?

You can return the product either by placing a request on the lSmart website, by self-couriering it, or take the product to the nearest partner store that accepts returns.

2. How do I return my products to a lSmart partner store?

Find a store near you that accepts returns. You can also call customer care to find a store near you.

3. If I choose the return to store option, who will I get my refund?

You will be issued a credit note immediately (this is, of course, subject to seller returns/credit note policy). Use it to buy anything else you like in the store. Unfortunately, for products returned to store, we cannot refund the money back to source (read: your credit card or bank account).

4. How long is a store-issued credit note valid for?

It depends on from seller to seller. Also note that the existing policy/terms and conditions of the seller will be applicable when it comes to redeeming store credit as well.

5. Can I use the seller credit note to buy something online on lSmart?

The credit note can be redeemed in the seller’s store only. It cannot be used to buy a product on the lSmart website.

6. How do I return something I bought online in a store?

You should return the product in its original and unused condition, along with all the original price tags, labels, packing, barcodes, user manuals, warranty cards and invoices (physical/digital copy), accessories, freebies and boxes received.

7. What if I walk into the store without proof of purchase?

It is better if you can carry the proof of purchase. However if you don’t have it on you, the refund through credit note will be issued subject to the seller’s credit note policy.

8. When are in-store returns not possible?

While do accept most products, do read the returns policy for both lSmart and the seller. A quality check of the product will be carried out by the store staff before a return is accepted.

We don’t want you to settle with something you don’t like. But there are certain products we can’t take back. Here are some of them:

Innerwear, lingerie, socks, clothing freebies and swimsuits

Perfumes, personal and beauty care products

Products that have already been used or installed

Products that have been tampered with or are missing serial numbers

Personalised or engraved items

Heads up! We can only accept returns within the first 30 days (for non-electronic items) of you having received the product for the first time. So make sure you do it as soon as you can.

9. Can I return a part of my order?

You sure can! Just select the product(s) you want to return from your order and initiate the return right away. You should know that we can’t accept returns of incomplete product combos (Example: “Buy one get one free”, free gifts, etc.).

10. When I’m returning a product, do I have to return the free gift that I got with it as well?

Yes, you have to. Any freebies that you got with a product will also need to be returned along with the original product.